Welcome to Amp Fairs website. For those of you who are not already acquainted, Amp Fairs is run by me, Simon Collyer. I have been organising events since 2004, the first venue at Penkridge Leisure Centre in Staffordshire.


Since the maiden event, there have been staged more than 250 fairs in various locations including the National Motorcycle Museum near Coventry and at the Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham.



Our premier event at the Motorcycle Museum



For 2018 we have fairs planned for 11 different venues. The Tetenhall fair is in abeyance, awaiting the sourcing of a new premises. Please click on the appropriate button to the left to take you to a full listing, and check the website periodically for updates.

Should you wish to get in touch with us then please go to the appropriate page by clicking on the "CONTACT" button.


In addition to trading at fair events, I also sell on e-Bay. Please see the links page for relevant details.














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